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More content is being created than ever before. Monetizing that content becomes increasingly difficult, especially when the most-watched content is from back catalogue. Ryff provides a turn-key solution for content owners to integrate brands into already fully shot, edited and mastered content. Just because a brand wasn’t shot into the scene does not mean it can’t be inserted digitally.

Our proprietary technology allows us to map existing content and capture coordinate and light data that allows Ryff to determine placement opportunities. We can then seamlessly insert photo-realistic 3D models of products into your content that appear like they have always been there and look completely authentic to the viewers eye.

If you are looking to help fund a future project we can help with that as well to secure brand partners for you prior to or while filming

Ryff Emerges From Stealth, Announces First Intelligent Imaging Platform to Enable Dynamic Replacement of Any Object in Live Video

AI-Based Breakthrough Targets Next-Generation Advertising


September 13, 2018 – Los Angeles – Ryff™, a pioneer in intelligent image technology, today emerged from stealth and announced a new AI-driven video platform called Placer™, which enables dynamic, real-time manipulation of products, people, backgrounds and images in live or pre-recorded video – all modified to individual viewer preferences.


Currently, product placements in video are just like images in desktop publishing – infinitely adjustable during pre-production, but the second it is transmitted it becomes ‘flattened’ and an unchangeable part of the video frame contents.




Back Catalogue and Existing Content

Pre - Production

The same is true of pre-production, rather than having to shoot products into scenes that can be outdated by the time the content is distributed. We can capture the metadata during filming so the latest products can be inserted right before release.

1. Content creators have more creative freedom during filming and less distraction on set.


2. Brands increase the value of integrations as they can feature current product that is on shelves without the risk of new product being leaked on set.


3. Improved viewer experience as integrations are relevant at the time of release.

Ryff is a proprietary platform that integrates 3D models into popular entertainment. Our capabilities allow us to scan existing content for flat surfaces, scene composition and sufficient light. From this we create metadata in the form of coordinates, however, they are X,Y and Z coordinates as we also need to be able to quantify depth.


This data allows us to anchor 3D models exactly where they naturally fit. From this Ryff generates a photorealistic layer that is delivered over the content but is completely imperceptible to the viewer. Allowing us to digitally serve brands into content without altering the original master or the astronomical expense of post-production and recompositing.





Ryff is here to help you navigate the increasingly ad-free media landscape. Reaching your target audience has become increasingly difficult with traditional advertising. Increasing spend with the same antiquated media mix will only build frequency. This is counterintuitive when media consumption per user continues to grow.


By integrating your brand into the content, and not running around it, you are able to regain lost reach with increased engagement and attentiveness. Let us help you adjust your media mix to increase ROI on dollars spent.


Shini Reddy Wark

Chief Revenue Officer

Roy Taylor

Founder and CEO

Susan Hewitt

Chief Technical Officer


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