With the patent pending Ryff platform, content is no longer fixed in perpetuity. Using proprietary, next-generation image intelligence technology, Ryff’s “Placer” product, objects can be identified, placed, and replaced within moving frames.

What does it take to get noticed? You can’t just be next to great video content. You need to be IN great video content.

When audiences reject traditional advertising, it’s time to go straight to the source and reinvent it.






New intelligent images become programmable content where placement can be updated in real time, across targeted audience demographics and platforms.

Intelligent images can be changed at any time, so different audience segments can experience different product placement packages in the same narrative story.

This platform revolutionizes the delivery of advertisements to individual consumers by allowing content to be easily accessed and manipulated -- AFTER THE FACT. And all this determines what the viewer sees, inside the very content they’re already watching.






With every asset logged and encrypted; each owner can decide permissions, rights, and monetization with full trackability.


  • Product placement for multiple brands

  • Easy editing for multiple markets, even after the fact

  • Product placement with the ability to change with the times.

  • Clickable screens that enable instant purchases power

We make it possible to reinvent the past and the future. With more brand advertising, the entertainment industry stands to gain billions in revenue from brand partnerships. Advertise smarter with Intelligent Images.





  • Dreamworks Animation - Software Architect

  • Sony Pictures Imageworks - Principal Software Engineer


  • Technicolor - VP of Corporate Strategy and Partnerships

  • Dolby - Director of Content Relations

  • Microsoft, Media & Entertainment Group


  • Head of AMD Studios, Hollywood

  • NVIDIA, Vice President of Europe

  • BAFTA Los Angeles - Director of the Board


  • Sony Pictures Entertainment - CTO

  • Warner Bros - Lead Technologist

  • Disney TV Animation – Head of Technology & Digital Production


Ryff is working with innovators across studio media entertainment and video production to define the future of how dynamic product placement technologies and programing will scale across productions, territories and channels.  Watch here for more exciting news and partners.


"Working with Ryff has opened up some really exciting conversations about how we can redefine product placement. Endemol Shine Group are at the forefront of innovation and we are continuously exploring the latest technologies, which have the potential to revolutionize how we create our content."

- Lisa Perrin, CEO of Creative Networks at Endemol Shine


"It’s our belief that the best agencies need to be equally as obsessive with emerging technology, business models and consumer behaviors as they are with creative.  Partnering with Ryff allows us to bring creative executions to the new model of product placement. It is a dream scenario for us."

- Chris Walter, EVP/Head of AV at LA Associates


"Brands are constantly seeking creative partners who not only understand visual storytelling, but who also work with new technologies to drive the way we engage with and make content. Ryff's Placer platform changes the way of thinking about product, audience and message. It opens up new conversations and possibilities for the brands we work with."

- Boo Wong, Global Head of Emerging Technology at The Mill


"We are thrilled to partner with the Ryff team in their ambitious plans to usher in intelligent image technologies.  The combination of their far-reaching vision and proven executive team make for a compelling proposition to establish a brand new industry opportunity.”

- Manish Vyas, CEO of Network Services and President of Communications, Media & Entertainment at Tech Mahindra


Ryff Emerges From Stealth, Announces First Intelligent Imaging Platform to Enable Dynamic Replacement of Any Object in Live Video

AI-Based Breakthrough Targets Next-Generation Advertising

September 13, 2018 – Los Angeles – Ryff™, a pioneer in intelligent image technology, today emerged from stealth and announced a new AI-driven video platform called Placer™, which enables dynamic, real-time manipulation of products, people, backgrounds and images in live or pre-recorded video – all modified to individual viewer preferences.

Currently, product placements in video are just like images in desktop publishing – infinitely adjustable during pre-production, but the second it is transmitted it becomes ‘flattened’ and an unchangeable part of the video frame contents.

Press Release



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